Tomorrow! Resistance Cranes!
In about 13 hours, my friends Matthew, Christina, and I will be folding a thousand cranes, in 24 hours! We're doing it on a livestream to raise money($10,000!) for low income immigrants and refugees in NYC! You can learn more at

Here's how you can help.

1. Purchase a limited edition handfolded crane! They're $10 each(plus shipping and handling), and all of those proceeds will be going to the NYC chapters of the International Rescue Center and the National Immigration Law Center. You can buy these cranes at starting 12noon EST on Feb 25th(tomorrow!).

2. Tune in to our livestream, and cheer us on on Twitter or Facebook. Especially during the later hours, when we are exhausted and loopy and weird. You can use the hashtag #resistancecranes or @ one of us; we'll be checking it regularly(I am @sawdustbear on Twitter).

3. Fold a paper crane in solidarity with our endurance art project. Post it on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag #resistancecranes, and link to our website! 

I'm really excited for this project. It is the most ambitious of this sort that we've tried yet, and I look forward to giving y'all the rundown of how it goes after we've finished. 

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