TONIGHT~ In The Dark :: Presentation Is Everything
Isn't it?

On one level, I very much think so. But it's not a superficial fix. It's the way you carry yourself through life. It's how you interact with others. It's the effect of your message. The goal is to present a true reflection of you as you are. It has to be consistent and authentic. You can't fake it. You can't copy it. 

If your message is falling flat, maybe the solution starts a little closer to home. The trick to "getting featured" (on the internet, on Patreon) is no trick at all, and in my opinion simply requires a shift in focus. 

The trick is finding your voice.

I'm going to brainstorm this topic out loud tonight on In The Dark. Care to join in? I will be sharing some of my personal story, and how I think artists can express their message better. I'm also writing an article about Getting Featured (mostly relative to Patreon), but if you want to hear me sound off the old-fashioned, unedited way, register for the show. I'll leave it up for a month. If you're staying in on this lovely winter night, stop in! I'll have a fire going in the fireplace and I'm in the mood to share. If you have thoughts or questions on getting featured, on my art, or my perspective on anything, now is your chance. 


I'll even discuss some mistakes I've made along the way and let you in on a few gems of wisdom I've received from someone we all respect. 

In less than a week this topic went from a blurb to a blog, to two blogs, to two blogs and a broadcast, so I guess I'm ready to talk. Straight from the hip. Or is that from the heart? Like I said, it's a brainstorming session, so anything could happen! :oO Woo.

Happy New Moon! x