For our 849th show, we want to properly set the stage for next week's blowout 850th show extravaganza, which will be programmed by our pal, Dave Murray. So tonight, we'll throw together our usual mix of new and recent fave raves (including new music from MAXI DUNN), alongside a few enduring TIRnRR all-time classics. BUT, for the last hour and change, we'll turn the show over to a unique countdown, courtesy of FRITZ VAN LEAVEN: a countdown of all 20 tracks that made it to # 1 in our year-end Countdown shows, ranked by how many times each track has been played overall during the course of 848 shows. And I'll tell ya this: the top two songs on that countdown are also TIRnRR's two most-played songs overall. Should you miss this? No. No, you should not. Sunday night, 9 to Midnight Eastern,