Tonight's Art Hour - Rakaro Tattoo Roughs
This month's art hour, I (or rather we, since there was lots of discussion and collaboration with the wonderful Patron behind tonight's request!) worked on development for a rakaro tattoo! Most of the time was dedicated to concept sketching and research, but towards the end of the hour we started to get closer to a final rough. As you can see, it needs a greater swoosh factor, which I can completely support. Swoosh factors are very important. :) Want to know more about the art hour? Here's how it works: Each month, I'll draw a name from the pool of attending $10 patrons, and they get to request a commission. I'll work on it for the hour, and every time their name is pulled I'll keep working on it until the commission is complete! It might take a few sessions, but it's a fun way to see the artwork come together from start to finish, and discuss changes and corrections live! Thank you to all the amazing Patrons helping Cory & I build our dream and share our stories. Your contributions are already making a big difference!
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