Tonights Destiny School is POSTPONED to Thurs, Dec 1st, 9pm EST
Aloha Team, 

This is a quick message to let you know that I have decided to POSTPONE tonights broadcast of Paradigm Shift Destiny School: Conscious Themes in Movies & Media. 

The original broadcast was Thurs Nov 24. It will now be taking place Thurs Dec 1st, 9pm EST. 

The reason for this is that it is American Thanksgiving, so it is possible that many people will be unavailable to begin with AND because I have a cold that I am working through right now, and it would be beneficial for me to rest tonight instead. 

So in the meantime, encouraging each of us to continue to do our own study and research in preparation for the class next week! 

The link is still the same. So tune in and participate at

Prior to this though, our NEXT live broadcast will be Dream Class on Tuesday Nov 29, 9pm EST. 
Stay tuned for the links for that. 

Thank you again for your understanding and support! 

Much love everyone, reminder to jump in the team live chat to say hello. Let me know if you got this message okay! 
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- Brendon