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Tonight's My Worst Enemy
Deanna Platt requested "whatever I'd like to do a cover of", which proved to be my most difficult request yet. After a week of attempting to cover Pulp's Common People, a terrible The Nightman Cometh cover, and various forays into the song from Eraserhead, early Outkast, an impossible Pile song and a 6 minute Titus Andronicus epic, I got sent to 2 weeks of military training in the wilderness and by the time I got back my head was clear enough to make this. Originally it was only going to be My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, because I think that's a good song as long as it isn't the original, but halfway through I realized a song I'd been listening to earlier in the day fit perfectly (tunewise, as well as conceptually) so I threw in Tonight Was A Disaster by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. At that point I started humming a snippet of an Ok Go song as well so there's a little bit of that in it too. Anyway! Here's Tonight's My Worst Enemy!
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