It's been too long between posts. Why? Probably just because I'm a garbage person, made of garbage. 


But maybe.

I'm writing, though. I'm making some headway on Orphancorp 3 (Really, Really not set in Orphancorp), have been putting out some articles and ptiches to the world, and I've started memoir-ing just for the funsies, though anyone who knows anything about my teenage years and early adulthood knows that writing about that time is anything but fun.

I'm working, I'm writing, I'm traveling. Last week I went to Sydney for the Sydney Writers Festival and gave some talks and workshops to high-school kids which was wonderful and made me want to give more workshops, all the time!

Next month my partner Corey J White and I are guest authors at Supanova in Brisbane and Adelaide, which is super exciting! I'm so glad we get to do this together. You can just call us a Novella Power Couple. 

In other news, my back is made of trash, the cat is doing well and I'm living the high life driving around in my brand-new (to me, totally second-hand) Mazda 2 after five months with no car! 

Keep your eye out for a little something something from me soon. Maybe you'll get a piece of depressing memoir, or an opinion-piece about one of my many thoughts and feelings.

See you soon!