tools of the independent small press #1
This stamp set changed my life. It was 2007 in Whanganui, New Zealand. I swopped 3 big boxes of duraware - kiwi made indestructable plastic picnic crockery.  I'd just had a couple of modest books published in dunedin by kilmog press - you can shoot me from a long distance with high-powered sniper rifle and a geek prayers collection. Both had sold all their copies and I was "out of print".  

The set above enabled me to make books in the back of a tour bus at the top of the south island soon after. I made crude PDF files, started publishing as Landroverfarm Press. 8 years later I maintain a good rate of progress  - ten different poems / publications a year, roughly.  About 65 single sheet, fold out A3-sized books. Put into #poetryracks or boxed sets even. I make hardbacks and paperback versions. The plan was always to take a hobby, a past time, an obsession for the last 25 years and get really good at it.  

You need a photocopier or a risograph or a web offset, a gluestick, a stapler, sissors, a box cutter for the 'Digest covers. Make the books in a public place, transparently. Use the wastestream. Don't end up mass-produced by anyone but yourself because as a poet you're a chaos business of 1.