Tools of the Trade: Drawing Glove
Hi! My post today is about tools.

I usually work on a Cintiq touch graphic tablet.
I must admit when I first got it and start working on it I found quite perplexing how something that to me felt like a very obvious problem was not addressed from the producer itself. I mean, I don't think I hold my drawing hand in a especially bizarre position but a part of my skin touches the tablet surface while I hold the stylus. This of course activates the touch features of the tablet making it very difficult for me to work. Now I am sure there are a lot of people holding the stylus differently, without touching the tablet surface, like a oil painter holds a brush for instance. But, maybe because I am self taught, this has always been how I held the pencil and then the stylus. As I said I'm pretty sure this must be a pretty common occurrence and was surprised the tablet didn't come with something to solve this.

I tought a bit and solved the problem at first with and old leather glove: I cut off a couple of fingers and it serviced me well for some years. I kept using it even while the seams gave way one by one until recently it became so broke to be unusable. I tried using another old singled glove I had lying around but the leather was thicker and not soft and plyable like my previous one so using it was tiring and unpleasurable. But I was right in surmising that I wasn't the only one with this problem as a quick search on Amazon proved: let's just say the drawing gloves offered where A LOT.

Now the only difficult part was discerning which ones of the many drawing gloves available where especially meant to inibite a tablet touch functions and not just to let your hand glide better. Well, actually the difficult part was deciphering the horrible translations from, I suppose, the chinese producers descriptions.

Anyway, after some pondering, I found something that seemed to suit perfectly my needs and ordered it. And I am happy to say my choice proved perfect: my new glove is lighter, thinner and softer than my first one. Also it has the added benefit of being longer and thus covering also a part of my wrist that I had problems with before (cause at times it touched the tablet).

If it is of interest, this is the link to the product:

Please note this is the link from Italy but I hop it works from other countries too. In the product description it says it's produced by "Leadingtablet (Release Your Fantasy)" ( )