Toon Talk Weekly - Episode 097 - "Celebrity Deathmatch"
On episode 97 of Toon Talk Weekly, Brad and Jake head down to the ring and battle it out while covering an episode of Celebrity Death Match. Celebrity Deathmatch was created by Eric Fogel in 1998 for MTV and featured claymation battles between celebrities. The format of the show was similar to that of a wrestling match with multiple matches and plot lines to drive each contest forward. The show’s claymation style gave it a very unique On this episode, we cover season one, episode one of Celebrity Deathmatch entitled “Seinfeld’s Last Stand.” This episode features the following fights: Hilary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky, Jim Carrey vs. Mariah Carey, and Tim Allen vs. Jerry Seinfeld. We chose to check out a very early episode of the show to get a better sense of where the show began before continuing on for six seasons. It was recently announced that MTV2 would be rebooting the show in 2015. Brad and I discuss how this show might work in a present day setting, which celebrities might possibly be involved, and what the general interest in the show might be. Subscribe to Toon Talk Weekly! iTunes: Stitcher: Follow us everywhere! Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Or send us an email to: [email protected] Toon Talk Weekly - Episode 097 - Show Notes