Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Ride Destinations In the World

Are you craving for some escapade? Have you given a thought to hot air balloon expedition! The factual aficionado’s adoration not only the breath-taking sceneries from the air, but the entire ritual also: getting up very early, getting ready for the trip, taking breakfast and champagne afterward is a great memorable experience. I present ten varieties of favorite places you might want to visit.

UK’s, Bristol

  • The fashionable metropolis of England seems to be an unanticipated selection for ballooning, although it has a fantastic yearly festival. The transnational festival draws balloonists who keep spectators entertained with their colorful and artistic balloons.
  • At this time of the year, the scenic city of Bristol is the place to be. March – October makes the flying season.

Mt. Bromo, Indonesia, Java

  • The game is growing increasingly prevalent in Indonesia. The Intercontinental Centenary in Bogor has commercialized this event in the republic. It’s optimistic that this business will progress successfully, as the chance to see the bizarre scenery of Mount Bromo from the air is extremely projected.
  • Consider visiting the breath-taking volcano environs you will be fascinated by the features there is.


  • The bewildering landscapes of this motherland are a tangible delight for aeroacoustic. The voyagers can select from over 50 diverse localities to visit for hot air ballooning. The fiesta in Château-D’Oex is a charm to aeroacoustic worldwide.
  • There is a variety of destinations and sites to choose from and more so the prominent Alpine spots.
  • You can visit this place at any time of your convenience. Château-D’Oex centenary is held in January.


  • Myanmar’s prehistoric city which forms the primary tourist last stop in this country, there are over 2000 famous monuments, pagodas, and stupas that are fascinating from the aerial view. Hot Air Balloon Corporation picks up vacation from their guest houses and pilots are very friendly, proficient and the whole experience is extraordinary.
  • From October – April is an ideal time to visit.

Tuscany in Italy

  • Tuscany is a dazzling portion of Italy, with remarkable landscapes: villas, green valleys, historic towns and vineyards that draw guests’ world-widely. These startling panoramic sceneries are finely observed from the aerial view.
  • Well, you must be asking yourself why I should visit. Tuscany presents astounding sites, and the ballooning corporation, in addition, serves breakfast and champagne.
  • The appropriate time to visit is during early autumn and late spring.

Yarra Valley in Australia

  • It’s barely an hour drive from the city of Melbourne; the Valley of Yarra is a celebrated wine state. Endless hilly valley, hopping kangaroos, Yarra River, vineyards provide charitable features. It’s best to travel to this place all year round although in autumn (March-May) it gets enclosed in vibrant foliage. The Stunning Australian sceneries are places you should be dreaming about.

The Serengeti National Game Park in Tanzania

  • It’s one of the ultimate and most exhilarating national parks internationally when you visit this park you are promised a life experience. The incredible tour comprises champagne that is served outdoor in tree shelters and Out of Africa breakfast.
  • The biggest reason to go is that you are bound to experience a magnificent game experience and fantastic service.

Cappadocia in Turkey

  • The jagged rocky scenery in Cappadocia is awe-inspiring. The pre-historic establishment is a prevalent fascination for the hot air balloon expedition. The renowned fairy smokestacks, valleys, vineyards, and orchards provide a fascinating view. It is best for travel throughout the year.

New Mexico in the USA

  • The surface is resourceful here from prairies to mountains all the way to the deserts. There are numerous spots where balloon jubilees happen in New Mexico. The Ship rock, White Sands, and Albuquerque ballooning fiestas entice millions of tourists each year.
  • The celebrations occur between September and January.

The Arctic

  • A Canadian corporation established here proposes the most thrilling hot air ballooning experience you have ever experienced! Aerostiers view enchanting icy sceneries, whales, polar bears, migrating musk-ox and caribou. The corporation offers other polar escapades and safaris as well. It’s unquestionably an astounding exploration in this isolated place. But you have to schedule for an expedition in advance.