Top '18 of 18: Ross Wolinsky's "FAQ: Your New Cursed Instant Pot"

As usual, we'll share our most-read articles of the year on the Tendency between Xmas and New Year's. Until then, we're offering a Patreon-exclusive peek at some of the pieces that have made the list and are one of the "Top 18 of '18," along with micro-interviews with their authors.

Title: "FAQ: Your New Cursed Instant Pot" 

Published: February 7, 2018

Author: Ross Wolinsky

On the inspiration for writing the piece...

My hobbies include reading obscure Satanic texts and finding novel ways to cook beans faster. So I guess you could say the piece was somewhat inevitable.

On how long it took to writer the piece...

Longer than I care to admit. There were a few false starts: “Welcome To The Cult Of The Instant Pot” was an orientation for new recruits at some sort of pressure cooking death cult; “Congratulations On The Mandatory Purchase Of Your New Instant Pot” imagined a dystopian future in which all documented US citizens are legally required to own an Instant Pot under the Meals and Families Act (MAFA) of 2027. Ultimately, neither of those could carry a reference to Baphomet the Sabbatic Goat God, so "Cursed Instant Pot" was the winner.

On the audience reaction...

The piece got posted on some forums, which was kind of a mixed bag. Apparently some people were just looking for tips on how to use their new Instant Pot and didn't find it particularly helpful.