Top 18 of '18: Devorah Blachor's "Abortion is Immoral, Except When It Comes to My Mistresses"

As usual, we'll share our most-read articles of the year on the Tendency between Xmas and New Year's. Until then, we're offering a Patreon-exclusive peek at some of the pieces that have made the list and are one of the "Top 18 of '18," along with micro-interviews with their authors.

Title: "Abortion is Immoral, Except When It Comes to My Mistresses" 

Author: Devorah Blachor 

Published: July 11, 2018

Piece's inspiration:

After Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, I realized that Donald Trump, who slept his way through Studio 54 New York and paid for God knows how many abortions was going to get to appoint another Supreme Court justice, someone specifically selected by The Federalist Society to overturn Roe v Wade. And this garbage president has said he’s going to do it, and Mike Pence says he wants to do it, and all these Republican assholes who have paid for abortions are obsessed with overturning it, and until they do they use state’s rights to take away women’s choice. They have this compulsive need to control women and fulfill some regressive fantasy of dominating women, all the while pretending that it's not misogyny but giving a shit about human life. There are so many ways to reduce unwanted pregnancies and these same Republican politicians don’t advocate any of them, nor do they do anything about gun violence. I hate them and their hypocrisy so much. Rage was the fuel of this particular piece. 

On the writing process:

Some pieces take me days but this one was pretty quick, rage-fueled as it was. The more I read on this subject - and I share some of the research in the links within the piece - the angrier I got. I write a lot of my humor in the evenings, while my husband is reading to my kids before bedtime - that’s the time I carve out for this kind of writing. I remember fuming on one couch while Harry Potter was being read on the other. And that’s exactly what’s happening now as I write the answer to this question!

On readers' response:

People really appreciated the links - the “receipts” that show that this skewering of Republican hypocrisy isn’t just someone’s opinion. It’s all right there, in the stories of Tim Murphy and Scott DesJarlais and our orange liar-in-chief, among others. In general, I get at least a few crazy and/or angry responses to my humor pieces, but not to this one. The moral failings of these Republicans is just so naked and out there. I don’t think the “pro-life” folks want to go near it.