Top 5 Albums Ever
I'm still working away on my alternate top 30 albums ever . Of course inevitably once you've done  two you start thinking about whether you could do three. How about...

1. Reign in Blood—Slayer

2. Complete Stax/Volt Singles (9 CDs)

2. On the Corner—Miles Davis

4. Dust on the Bible—Kitty Wells 

5. Floating Into the Night—Julee Cruise

6. ?

no, no, no. Two is enough. Behind me Satan, etc.

Matt Elmslie did another list too in comments:

10. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut OST 

9. Run Devil Run (Paul McCartney) 

8. The Wonderful World Of... (The Pursuit of Happiness) 

7. After the Goldrush (Neil Young) 

6. Stand By Me OST 

5. Blue Moon Swamp (John Fogerty) 

4. Schoolhouse Rock CD box set 

3. Two for the Price of One (Larry Williams and Johnny 'Guitar' Watson) 

2. Boomtang Boys Greatest Hits Volume One (note: the title is ironic; it's just what they called their first album) 

1. Bat out of Hell (Meat Loaf)

The Schoolhouse Rock box set is clever, but I can't in good conscience approve of that list, really.

And I have just about finished the 30 alternate list, which I'm hoping to post next Monday, unless I can't stop fiddling with it and have to post sooner for my own sanity.

Upcoming...I saw Ghost in the Shell, and am supposed to be writing a piece on that tomorrow on commission.  In my fascist film series at Splice Today for next week I'm going to write about Voyage of the Damned, an interesting llooking film about a ship of Jewish refugees turned away from the United States during the Holocaust.