Top 5 Marketing apps for Bigcommerce Store

Every ecommerce store owner dream to acquire new customers and engage old customers effortlessly. Using Bigcommerce platform, you can make this dream a reality as the marketing specification of bigcommerce are plenty. Like any other ecommerce solutions, the prime motive of every single Bigcommerce platform is to increase sales. Considering this, bigcommerce introduces and updates various apps suitable for different business requirements. All these elements of ecommerce solutions like hosting, cart, payment, content, design, marketing, support are considered and integrated during bigcommerce development. Moreover, the bigcommerce is known for its features like ease of use, simple user interface, customizable design templates, Quick and secure transaction, hosting, Large app store, etc. In short, it is a one-stop SaaS (software as a service) ecommerce model that helps you to brand your business smoothly.

Now let us take a look at the significant marketing plugins of bigcommerce that drive traffic with less effort.

1. Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics also called Spring Engage is a group of conversion-oriented analytics that protects your store in addition to a more significant association with Google Analytics. It has an excellent dashboard where you can monitor every marketing channels and their performance. Real-time analytics is the primary feature of this plugin. Also, Spring Metrics provides you data every day to analyze.

2. Constant Contact

Constant contact is the most preferred names for email marketing as well as list management. This plugin allows you to manage these lists. It has two different plans with a free trial for 60 days. Both the plans provide customizable templates,  unlimited emails, tracking, image libraries, contact management tools, and additional apps. The Plus version has large file storage, dynamic forms, automation, donations, coupons, surveys, and many more advanced specifications.

3. Sales Pop

Sales pop is a method of building trust in a widget. This app sends pop-up messages to attract potential buyers. It notifies what others bought and inspires customers to buy similar products. Also, this plugin provides real-time sales notifications. This plugin is completely free.

4. Ordoro

This app concentrates on streamlining various factors of business like invoicing,  tracking order fulfillment and shipping. It also provides you shipping discounts with USPS. You can also make separate shipping labels or batch print them. Besides, using vendor portal, you can manage dropshipping clients. It also lets you know the efficiency of individual drop shipping too. 

5. SEO Doctor

To maximize sales, you cannot ignore  Search Engine Optimization. SEO doctor helps to analyze SEO issues automatically. It also fixes all the problems using Autopilot feature. Using smart automation, you can drive organic traffic to your bigcommerce store. This app also helps to improve site ranking in minimum time. The broken links are identified and easily fixed besides setting Alt tags for images. This tagging enhance your Google Image Search rankings. 

In precise, Bigcommerce is the most appealing e-commerce platform that provides a complete solution for running an online store. When you choose an ecommerce platform like bigcommerce, you must know its potentials and strength. The marketing plugins for BigCommerce integration, are suitable for different marketing needs of the store. Using these plugins and apps correctly will help customers to create targeted campaigns, automatically pre & post sales follow-ups, suggest products, abandoned cart recovery, measuring ROI and many more. This effective ecommerce solution helps you to grow your business hassle-free.