Top 5 Scariest True Stories from Reddit - October 2017
These are the Top 5 Scariest Stories from our subreddit r/darknessprevails - Upvoted by you! There will be serial killers, haunted forests, and real life monsters ripped straight from the horror movies. Will you survive them all? Be sure to vote for your favorite with the links below!

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Story List and Links:

- I Saw Something in the Ravine - A Real Werewolf Sighting by train_to_myers -

- Always Check the Doors by MrAce44 - Nearly a Ghost Story from Night Shift Security Guard -

- Disappearing of Children at Duns Swamp - An Australian Ghost Story by ChipsNippleWolf -

- The Maine Hunting Trip by Ma_Woodsman - A Hunting Horror Story -

- My Aunt Worked with a Serial Killer - The BTK Killer -

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