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My most recent FreshU article, A Freshman's Guide to UT Austin, was the most viewed article on this past week! Over 900 views and 150 shares (after my successful infiltration into the Class of 2021 Facebook groups)! That's certainly a new record for me. 

As if that wasn't exciting enough, many rising freshman thanked me personally for the article. It felt so amazing! There's nothing more that a writer loves than seeing the (positive) impact her work has on others.

This is a lesson I learned from a TED Talk once: helping others is the most sure-fire way to receive help. It's not the talent of an author that pushes them to success, but rather the help they receive from her supporters (that's you!). Always make your goals in life personal, and always make them helpful to the greater good.

(Even if it just means less of a headache for 900 freshmen)

Here's the link to the article for those who are interested:  

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