Spring 2019 marked the rollout of the 5G network in North America, and the rest of the world. Its a major issue, however there are *already* many EMF hotspots in our lives that create computer fatigue, lack of sleep and negative health effects. 

Top EMF hotspots are highlighted as follows:

The home digital smart meter is a major source of EMF pollution today. Each smart meter is equivalent to 160 cell phones and can have major consequences for health. I recommend opting out if possible, and or using a smart meter ring to neutralize the harmful energy component.  

WiFi Router - Its best to use land line as much as possible, WiFi routers are like mini cell towers in your house. Placing a few towerbusters by WiFi Router is a good way to neutralize the chaotic element in WiFi signals.

Wireless Phones - Similar to WiFi routers, wireless phones are major sources of electronic pollution. Using a Landline is a much better option.

Microwave Oven - Microwaves do not serve any good purpose, and actually turn good food into poison! All microwaves leak EMF while running also. Use a toaster oven, or stovetop to heat up your food - it takes a few minutes longer, but also tastes better and no harmful health effects.

Smartphones - I think everybody is aware of this, I personally do not put my smartphone to my head, I use the speaker phone option. I also put my phone on airplane mode while sleeping. 

Wireless Chargers - These charger platforms throw off a lot of EMF, charge your phone with a charging cable instead. 

Bluetooth Headset - This is EMF radiation straight into your head. Earbuds with cord and mic are a better option or put your phone on speaker mode.

Airpods - Seemingly harmless and becoming more common, bluetooth earbuds also pose the same issue as the old bluetooth headsets - radiation straight into your head. Use earbuds with cord, quick fix and a lot cheaper than Apple's $150 cancer buds! LOL

Solar Panels - This is one that most are not aware of, Solar Panels throw off a lot of 'dirty energy' at the inverter stage where solar energy from DC to AC current for home use. I've had personal reports from clients who have been affected by the Solar Panels on their homes.

Electric Cars - This is another offender that most are not aware of, and has the same issues as solar panels. Electric cars throw off a lot of EMF pollution, electrosensitive people feel it right away, but any owner of an electric car is being affected by the EMF pollution inherent in these vehicles.

Apple Watch (iWatch) - Similar to bluetooth headsets or Airpods, the Apple Watch is more EMF that your body doesn't need. 

Fitbit / Jogging Trackers - The Fitbit tracking device 'pings' similar to a Smart Meter sending signals that track your movement. It will also connect to any smartphone within 150 feet, which tells you that these devices are major EMF hotspots! I would definitely avoid these wristband bluetooth trackers, same as the Apple Watch.

Baby Monitors - These are major sources of EMF pollution, take care of children the old fashioned way, no bluetooth or WiFi spyglass necessary!

Yes these exist, NO COMMENT! LOL

Bluetooth Diaper monitors are becoming more common. Some of these devices are also heart monitors, monitor movement etc. Totally unnecessary.

The Smart Home - This is where all these devices are leading, to the 5G Smart Home (and Smart City). Where all devices including your lights, front door, refrigerator, washing machine, shower and bathtub are connected to WiFi. Obviously this is going to lead to huge increases in EMF pollution, and also invades your personal space.

In my workshops, I emphasize the importance of 'owning your space' and being sovereign. This new generation of smart devices are not only anti-biological, but impede your freedom and privacy. Many new homes are being built-in with smart technology, in preparation for 5G Network rollout. 

For our own peace of mind, health and well being its best to avoid these devices and double and triple up on energy tools such as orgone pyramids, tensor ring pendants and shungite.

I hope you enjoyed this post, the key is not to be afraid but informed. And with energy tools you not only protect yourself but raise your consciousness too!



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