Topic Vote #4 Nominations
Buenos dias Patrons! It's time to feed the newsletter again with some nutritious GMing topics. I've got articles queued until end of April, so we'll be voting on topics for May+. There are many new Patrons since last topic vote, so I'll recap how it works. 1) For the next couple of days, send me your topic requests. Email me, or better yet, make a comment below. Try to be specific and problem oriented, as writers have been struggling with topics too big to grapple in a single article. 2) I then sift through the requests and will make a poll on Thur/Fri this week. 3) You vote in the poll. 4) I take the winning votes and pitch the authors, and fill out the editorial calendar. So right now, it's step #1 - topic request time! Email me or comment below about what tips, advice, and help I can provide you in future editions of the newsletter. If you have any questions, feel free to email or comment those too. I'm looking forward to seeing how the writers and I can help your games. Johnn

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