Torchships - Atomic Rockets
TORCHSHIPS entire page re-vamped with tons of new text and graphics, and some reformatting. Sample torchships added. ASTROMILITARY added new section Beam Transit Authority / Laser Guard FASTER THAN LIGHT added to Existing Drives a huge entry of Luke Campbell's notes on traversable wormholes FUSION FUEL added to Fusion Reactions Luke Campbell's notes on torchship fuel SPACE INFRASTRUCTURE added to Solar Power Stations a quote from Thucydides added to Interplanetary Internet a huge thread on the topic ROCKETPUNK AND MACGUFFINITE added to Space Stations notes about Ejner Fulsang's MacGuffinite SEAL OF APPROVAL added entry for SpaceCorp BASIC DESIGN added image of The Radiator Award ENGINE LIST added to Introduction a quote about Torchships SPACE WAR EXOTIC WEAPONS added new section Jon's Law's_Law SPACE SUITS AND TUGS added image of Robert Parkinson's spacesuit heraldry INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION added to The Economics of Slaves a quote from Citizens of the Galaxy
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