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Toronto Times
Well, my first week in Toronto has seen me burst forth in a whirlwind of manic colour and intrigue. What a delight to be received by a the one and only, dealy beloved boss-babe Duchess Essess and be introduced to her crew of sparkly unicorn pals. I have only glimpsed the surface of this fine city, but I tell ya- I'm already in love with the electric eclecticism of this place😍 Next week we begin prep for shadow puppetry, whilst also building a costume for my performance of The Perfectionist Manifesto out of the vintage hot pink velvet maxi skirt I found today at the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Yard Sale (I was dying from all the delicious treasures I could not buy.) Also- I'll be getting inducted into the volunteer artist program for 'Sketch' an organisation here in Toronto that works to engage street-involved youth (16-29) through the arts! ( for more info) I've got a little over a month here so I'm going hard at sinking my teeth into everything I possibly can! Toronto is YUM! ❤❤❤