Torre de Papel, last update.
Torre de Papel.

Extrapolating and understanding sounds and "things":

French and Hebrew.

Cacher pas vraiment Krosher? Caché.

Japanese and al

  水    pas casher (David Star🕍✡️🇮🇱 not hidden in water=水 Can you see?)


川=Kawa       Krosher (The Davids hidden because it is the idea of water in the River so foreigners don’t know these are David Star water even if they try to understand the Kanji. But a person who understands Japanese and that the River has flowing water understands that Kawa=川 is Caché water Mizu=水) 

   川=Kawa=River   it has water casher, caché   

 水=Mizu=Water shows the David Star🕍✡️not casher, Caché


(Hidden Jewish, hidden Jews in the mix)

Mura  村   pas cacher because   木   is not caché casher (can you see the little Ki=木 in Mura=村? and it composes Murah, Mura 村 . It is visibly for the ones who try to understand the Kanji therefore it is not Krosher Caché (French). 

Jew is Jiyu 十 I think now I understand: The Cross are the Jew for the Number 10 and short of Jewish, it is the highest grade, makes sense, promised people, preferred people below the creator etc. High level in the Tower with liberty Jiyu 自由 Stair flag=自ten=十 mouth=口 Da+pinnacle=田…

Homem 男=> otoko=man  

力Tikara= Strong, 




田Ta=Da=Production, Plantation


男Production of strong, plantation of strong, men

makes sense now: plantation of strength, production of force, man

田=Da=Production jew=jiu =10=十and kuti=mouth=口etc

Casher Caché  The sound is Jew as short for Jewish and it is the number 10 and the Kuti=mouth. Maybe it is ten because of the mignan, Minhan = the ten Jews needed to form a Mignan, mininham. That is maybe why we need mouth, ten and the sound mainstream is Da of David. or Ta as Da.
It makes sense because of the ten Jews that protect Sodoma and Gomorra from the destruction. As it is in the Torah. I still didn’t get but I think I am beginning to immerse myself in this ideas but I need to study more, learn more and travel more and write more: Da Production David…


ほし Davi 水🕍


Portuguese, English, Egyptian, Germanic, Deutsch and Specially Hebrew.

Hoshi =Rroshi=ほし=Star

Ra(Egyptian)=Lord of the Sun

Shana=Scheiner (Germanic)=Science of the purple light, ultra violet light, But we have to ask the Rav who named the Scientist.

“Hoshi”   “Ra”               “shanah”

“Star”   “Lord of the Sun” “Scheiner…”

“Purple”       “Lord of the Sun”  “Shine”

“Roxo” o vira i Italian (I am not sure yet.)


Cabeça do ano “Ano novo Judaico”

Scheiner => Infra red, ultra violet? I am not sure, I would need to ask the Rav that named the scientist Scheiner.

But  じゆ Jiyu is freedom I knew but the Kanji is 自由

I consistently find Jiyu, freedom in the natural crescent Fibonacci sequence adapted to the creation of this Universe exposed in the Numbers file. Please God Help I don’t remember the other Kanji and I can’t find in the Apple Library. I hope this was not lost for ever in the Orthodox Church destroyed by the Bomb US used against Japan.

Anyway freedom makes sense in the Great tower with these Kanjis of Jiyu, the number ten and the number 18 gain in Hebrew found with the Fibonacci calculations. The only perfect hair 18 is when day ten is reached ten is Jew, jiu, jiyu, short for Jewish.

I believe this is not a coincidence. But I don’t know how to plot the function and to determine all the variables because the Excel is unable to calculate all the decimals. Maybe the constant I dreamed about is real. But I forgot. It has something to do with Energy.

Kaw Hi no moto.

Kawai iii but not much.

ii dessu= good this

ii= good, not bad.


Ocidente Vs. Oriente

Acidente de-repente nasce o Ocidente

Oriente o Oriente para Orientar o Mundo todos e a todos.


It is in the grammar and spelling. It is all there already. It only require study and light.

Link this note with the files; file in Numbers:

“Dreidel Aceleration idea iMac's old copy 2”

 and the file in Pages:

“Fibonacci findings copy.pages”

But just to put this in context:

And one day a prince was born. When he was born his mother passed. He was growing but he suffered much without her mother. He suffered so much that he gave up being a prince and decided to wander in poverty to find light. He searched in many places. Until he found enlightenment. He reached Nirvana and he became Buddha. So he came to God and asked: God, I want to be king again. And God said You can, you will be king of kings, you will rule all but y o u  w i l l  l o o s e  enlightenment.

So he gave up being the king.

Parallel to this: Cain killed Abel and he was marked for ever by God. Everyone could spot him. And he was plagued and cursed. He would never really prosper. He created a people that created peoples that were invaded by Seths’ descendants and they mixed but the curse was and always will be there they will never ever be king for real.

Therefore only Jesus is the King. If you don’t agree: There is a White Supremacy that will always reign.

This way we will keep peace. Leader and leaders…

ISIS is wrong. It is just a matter of time for the Super Edifices to be built. They are not Babel Tower. Much different from that. They are Sanctuaries Cities for the good and well behaved. 

We can launch rockets and Spaceships from these Super Edifices with ease saving.

Because of Sir Isaac Newton’s findings: one of them is that the higher the tower the lower the resistance to launch a Spaceship. The lower the gravity.

These upper Edifices can be our homes.

They are home of the gentile and righteous.