ToS Changes, Plugins Up, Pricing Explanation

This post is going to cover a couple of things, the Terms of Service Changes, and the plugin price explanations.


New and Changed Terms of Service: 


Any original material made by Yanfly is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games unless specified otherwise. I do not demand royalties or special liberties if you choose to use Yanfly original content in your commercial games. (Although a free copy of your game would be nice!) I only ask that you provide “Yanfly” or “Yanfly Engine” a spot in your game’s credits.
Redistribution of the plugins and its code, outside the scope of game projects, is strictly forbidden outside of the host website,, and by the following sites/members: However, special permission has been granted to these individuals/entities for redistribution of the plugins as long as the plugins remain in their updated form: Archeia, Visustella, Ækashics Librarium, Caz Wolf, Raim, DreamX, Fallen Angel Olivia, Atelier Irina, Aries of Sheratan, Arisu's Dollhouse, Munokura of FunGameMake. This list may be updated in the future.
Any non-Original content posted, linked, or shared on my website and channel will still require you to contact the respective parties for permission of use.
I think this is simple. I’d like to keep it simple. I ask of you, as users, to please do not do things that will make me complicate it for everyone.
Happy RPG Making!

For those familiar with the old Terms of Service, it's more or less the same. I talked to a lawyer about creating a license for this thing, but then decided to just say, "Screw it" since this is what I've done ever since VX. The only difference this time is there's a more definitive clause on redistribution saying that it's strictly forbidden outside of certain select individuals whom I've given permission to.

Why am I keeping it the same? Because it's too complicated if I make it different for you all. After all, the purpose of this engine was for you go getters to get out there and go make a game, put it on the web somewhere, and sell it if you want to. I see no reason to change this and complicate it for everybody. The only people I'm complicating it for are the people who intend to complicate things in the first place.

After all, this plugin library is for game devs, not for people looking to make a quick cash grab.


Now onto the pricing.

After some much heated debate between some staff members and I, I've decided to just forcefully settle down on a price tag. Originally, the plans were going to be $1 per 1000 lines of code. However, there's a problem I saw with that:

(Screenshot and line counting work courtesy of Irina)

There's over 500k lines of code in this plugin library and that'd mean you guys would have to pony up $500 for the whole thing. That's a bit much, especially for a library that the majority of the current users have already. I've decided it would be better to simplify the system: $1 per plugin.

Still, that's a lot of plugins to buy so I've decided to separate them into bundles of similar typing (Core & Options, Item & Equips, Battle, etc.), and just make the bundles flat out $10 for each. That makes up to 7 different paid bundles as seen here: 

But even then, that's $70 to spend, which is almost as costly as the software itself (and costs even more if you guys bought RMMV with a discount). So once again, after some much heated debate: we've decided on $30 for the full collection here.

Now that all of that's been said, I want to warn you all that this pricing model should NOT be the standard across all plugin developers. $1 per plugin or even 1000 lines of code is far too cheap for their services and the only reason why I'm putting my library at this price is because I have the final say in it. In the event you do purchase plugins from other plugin developers, I urge you to not use my pricing model.


More will be updated tomorrow on where this Patreon will go in terms of tiers, mission statement, etc.

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