Total Cholesterol and Thyroid Function
The total cholesterol is a mirror image of thyroid function:

“Thyroid administration produced a sharp drop in serum cholesterol in every case. This accompanied by a rise in the basal metabolic rate.”[1]

"Patients who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol should ask their physician about having their thyroid checked. If they have an underlying thyroid condition in addition to their high cholesterol, the cholesterol problem will be difficult to control until normal levels of thyroid hormone are restored.”[2]

“Lipid levels increased in a graded fashion as thyroid function declined.” “The prevalence of abnormal biochemical thyroid function reported here is substantial and confirms previous reports in smaller populations. Among patients taking thyroid medication, only 60% were within the normal range of TSH.” “These results confirm that thyroid dysfunction is common, may often go undetected, and may be associated with adverse health outcomes that can be avoided by serum TSH measurement.”[3]

“The effects of academic final examinations on serum cholesterol levels were studied on 2 groups of medical students. A significant increase in the mean total serum cholesterol levels were observed during examination periods as compared to control periods of relaxation. These findings support previous reports of the effects of mental tension on serum cholesterol levels.”[4]

“Thyroid dysfunction has a great impact on lipids as well as a number of other cardiovascular risk factors. Hypothyroidism is relatively common and is associated with an unfavorable effect on lipids. Substitution therapy is beneficial for patients with overt hypothyroidism, improving lipid profile.” “Overall, thyroid dysfunction should be taken into account when evaluating and treating dyslipidemic patients.”[5]

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