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Totally Legit Recap: "To Where and Back Again" (Part 1) Season 6 Episode 25
Man, this finale. I can't stop rewatching it. We got all the Glimmy we could ever hope for, and Trixie has cemented herself as one of my new favorite characters in this show. Honestly, I didn't care about her back in the pre-Twigglicorn era, but this season completely changed that. Trixie is clearly mentally unstable, but now we can see that she's actually a functional person. She used to just show up, spew pasta everywhere, and then fuck off immediately. For all we knew she was hunched over in a cave, rocking back and forth while sobbing and sticking pins in her Twilight voodoo doll. Now it's like oh, hey, she lives in her wagon and travels around. She's a legitimate performer who's actually invested in her craft, not just a looney twat running around screaming at people who threaten her ego. I like how passive-aggressive and self serious she is, and it's hilarious how quickly her "tough girl" act evaporates when shit hits the fan. Trixie's got serious personality problems, but her relationship with Glimmer is doing both parties a lot of good, and she's obviously trying as hard as she can.

Oh shit, this is turning into some kind of character analysis. I'm gonna stop typing. Thank you guys for helping me do all this. I know just as well as you do that the ride never ends, but it feels like it's got rocket engines on it now. We may not have a destination, but that doesn't mean we can't go faster.

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