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The Touch of You for All of Me


Well sort of. It's a story I wrote a while ago and looked back on, I'm a bit torn on it but it touches upon a lot of sadly realistic things in the internet world. There was a certain kind of life escape that many of us found, when we were young and awkward and never felt worthwhile unless we pretended to be someone else.

I remember those old vampire chat rooms, where every single person described their outfit to unerring detail and sulked in corners. You have to wonder how many corners this vampire tavern even had. Is it just a maze? A poorly-lit postage stamp of a room with cubicles for each mysterious, dangerous patron to haunt?

But anyway.

It's inspired by the Twilight Zone episode "The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine" but the similarities are few. That's what inspiration does after all, creates artistic license.

Hope you like it!