Touch the Paint!
George Carlin:  “Tell people there is an invisible man in the sky who created the universe and the vast majority will believe you.  Tell them the paint is wet and they have to touch it to be sure.”

Let’s face it:  we all want to believe in something, and yet most of us insist on touching the paint.  I am in that category.  I wanted to believe in something, but quite frankly believing in the invisible man in the sky was always a bit of a stretch for me.  Enter New Thought.  Here was something I could sink my teeth into.  A god within me, not an invisible man in the sky!  I did indeed sink my teeth into this bold “new” concept.  I discovered that the concept of a god within wasn’t really new, it was just hidden.  I brought that concept to light within myself, and in so doing, realized that within this concept lie the secret to joy and peace in life.  I fell in love with this concept and realized the power inherent within it.  So I took a deeper dive into it and got trained and licensed to teach this concept to others.  And then I discovered something.  The concept of a god within was frightening to people.  So scary in fact, that they rebelled at the very thought of it.  They told me things like, “god is bigger than me.” Well, yes.  God is indeed bigger than us, but it is also within us.  God is everywhere present.  I’ve been able, for the most part, to get agreement that god is everywhere present.  Except, apparently, within us.  And yet, realizing and knowing that such a power is within us, accessible anytime, simply with a breath or a thought, is the way to access the power that god is, and use it in our lives.  People still want to touch the paint to be sure.  This thing...this daily practice of using one of many techniques to go within and connect with that larger part of yourself, is the way to touch the paint.  I encourage you, touch the paint!  This isn’t pie in the sky stuff.  This is real, and if you reach out and touch it you will discover for yourself that it is real.  Just consistently and persistently do a daily practice, and see for yourself.

Today I do what is necessary to connect with that powerful thing that is deep within me to experience joy and peace in my life.

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