Tough Decisions and Apologies
Hey y'all,

I'm sure you've noticed I've fallen behind on NodeBots: Live!

The problems were mixed, but the summation is: I overcommitted, messed up, and I'm sorry.

I'm closing the Patreon: I can't keep producing at the levels I set for myself.

NB:L! isn't dead, though-- I'm just going to self-fund a once-a-month audio podcast form here on out. I will attempt to produce the two tutorials I owe y'all, the timetable in unset, however, as I am still a bit overcommitted.

If you'd like a refund for up to 100% of the funds you donated to the project, I will refund your money. Email me at [email protected] for a refund. Any funds not claimed will be used to pay off the hosting subscription after I've waited until the end of the year to process refund claims.

I'm very sorry to let y'all down, as you are my best support. I hope you'll continue to listen to NB:L! 

Thank you for your support.