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Tour 3: Theory in New York
Today's episode chronicles my whirlwind 7-hour trip into New York City  (got 4 interviews there, though!). The episode starts in Philadelphia  with a re-interview of Geometry of Music author Dmitri Tymoczko,  and it continues with interviews of the slot machine composers at High 5  Games, film composer Chris Hajian, music theorist Ben Hansberry, and  Gibson employee Matt Scuteri.

Tour 3: Theory in New York 

Some of you were able to tune in for the Composer Quest Olympics  Closing Ceremony on Monday. Aside from my mic being muted for the first  10 mintues (sorry!), it went very well. Congrats to all of you who  participated, and especially to those of you who finished all six  events!

Also, a big congratulations to our overall medalists:

To listen to all the Olympics submissions or check out the detailed results, see this post.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!