TOUR BLOG - UK Tour - 2 Days Off!
We have two days off from the tour, so Mrs T and myself have checked into a very nice hotel on the south coast of England. Although I say these are days off, we still have quite a lot of things to do.


Mrs T is advancing the shows, calling the venues to make sure everything will be set up for us when we arrive at the next venues, and also making sure our next hotels are confirmed.

I've been catching up on emails and getting phone calls from my publicist about some radio shows and interviews she has lined up for me over the next few days.

I've also been listening to an audio mix that Adam sent me via Dropbox of the recording I did in my studio with the bassist Peter Ind for my approval, and he also sent me edited versions of a Studio Session & Insight videos that I filmed before I left. They're looking and sounding good, so you'll get to see those here on Patreon next month.

I've also been filming a few video responses in my hotel room for my online students on ArtistWorks. Fortunately, I have a wonderful view across the gardens and looking out to sea which is very inspiring and uplifting.

The first two shows were really great, the audiences were wonderful and I felt on top form.

I've got some new ideas for my solo set on this tour, so I think I will run through those on my guitar this afternoon.... but first.... a pub lunch in a 17th century inn!

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