Tour Diary... and Recording!
First off, thank you to our newest members of the Dream Team: Gabriel Macias, Lauren Vargas, Morgan Night, Dakota Reynolds, Richard Aldana, and Clinton Gibson (who just joined as I was posting this)! You guys are amazing!!

And again THANK YOU to everyone who has joined the team so far! I gave y'all a shout out on some Instagram/Facebook posts so hopefully you saw them! I'm SO excited to start building a little community on here with you guys.

If you haven't joined the team yet, please join us! It's only $1 a month and you'll get access to all our secret team posts. I just recently shared a demo with the team and we'll be sharing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff as we record a new album this week!

I'm finally getting around to posting some more photos from our last tour with Winter. This batch is from our stop in Vancouver B.C. It was our first time there and was a short, but sweet experience.

One of the highlights was meeting this band we played with, Tulip (pictured above). They were so sweet! Emily was kind enough to host us and her house was so beautiful and cozy! We hung out in the morning, met her pets, and Emily played us a new song she was working on.

I've been wanting to post these photos for a while! I have another batch to post still. I need to get them all up before the next tour sneaks up on us!

I wish I could go more into detail about some tour memories but I'm in a bit of a rush this morning. I think these photos tell the story anyway..

Today is our first day of recording! We've been rehearsing SOO intensely this week, trying to nail down 10 new songs. It's been exhausting and sometimes I stress out, but every time I'd see a new member join the team it honestly brought me back up and gave me a little boost of energy. So thank you for that! After all the practice I feel pretttty ready.. as ready as we can be. 

We'll be sharing the process with you guys, so we'll see how it goes! Wish us luck!