Tour Update from Washington D.C.
 Gun Show Loophole Tour Update from Washington D.C. in this episode we will talk about the Tour Progress so far  Join us on  Why the "Gun Show Loophole Tour" ??  

If you'd like to join in, ask for a link on Gun Channels 


1. Arizona 2. New Mexico 3. Texas 4. Arkansas 5. Missouri 6. Illinois 7. Indiana 8. Michigan 9. Ohio 10.Pennsylvania 11.New York 12.Delaware 13.Maryland 14.Washington D.C.  

We hope to also reach: 15.Oklahoma 16.Kansas 17.Colorado   Destinations: San Antonio Shop Tour Bull Pup Shoot in Illinois Gun Show in Illinois Bannerman Castle in New York State NRA Museum Tour   

Quick Van Updates  

Dog Updates: 

  • This Dog is Spoiled 
  • His Hips & Walking 
  • Other Dogs He's Met - Dr Gno's - Angry's - Edge's  New Gun Shops  And More