So, I was contacted by a consultant that works for 'The Extreme Tour' which is a non for profit, charitable touring company that takes up & coming artists on tour around 200 cities. This news was absolutely huge for me to be referred to the judging board by someone inside the agency, which I was told gives me a bit more of an upper-hand in being chosen to go!

Thing is, my music and my skill are not ready to go live yet. I'm a little sad that I don't have what it takes to go on tour yet but I didn't plan to have the skills and equipment I needed at least until next year.

So, I politely turned the offer down but, raised my hand and asked if there is anything else I can do to tag along for the experience. I'd still absolutely LOVE the opportunity to tag along on tour and learn from other experienced artists on how to do the things I currently cannot.

This opportunity would have been a massive life-time chance but I simply just don't have what it takes to tour just yet. The excitement I feel just over the thought of touring is incredible, and a sure-fire feeling that I WILL tour someday, and I WILL take my music out into the live world in time but, right now isn't the right time.

Not only do I have zero money, zero funding and zero equipment to take my music anywhere outside my home; I also don't have any knowledge on how to take electronic music live, yet. I am teaching myself everything I have learned so far because I lack funding to take courses, or to pay anyone to take that time to teach me. I'm still quite happy being an independent artist, and doing all the business AND music sides of things by myself but, it's just too much to be doing on my own. So, I'm working on finding a good manager who can help me start local, and help with the business sides of things that takes major time away from creating my music.

But,  don't worry! I will still tour someday, and I will take up all those opportunities in time but right now, there's no good reason to rush my learning. I want to be able to take quality out on stage, live to everyone when my time comes to do so. :)

So, I thought I'd let you guys know, I'm super stoked that I've been noticed as an up & coming artist to go on tour! I'm so, so proud to be getting as noticed as I am in a short 3 months of production as an artist; especially proud to hear my Partner tell me my music is good and it's inevitable that I end up on tour someday. I'm honestly filled with this amazing feeling I can't even begin to describe; along side still feeling really sick, these good feelings are really nice xD

Anyways, I'll update again when something cool happens, or if I finish something. feel free to have chats with me on my posts, I'm always usually about, and will reply to everyone as best and quickly as possible :)