Touring Touring Touring
Just back from Columbus, Ohio, where I got to see a lot of people that I love dearly. Was wonderful to see my friend Sue Bowlus from my first band, Sosumi. We played in Orlando, FL back in the day and had SO MUCH FUN. Wonderful to visit with her. She's the type of friend where it feels like not a day has gone by when we see each other. And it's been years!

Next weekend I'm off to Lexington, KY where I'll get the joy of playing at Soni Cantrell's Center, the Ahava Center for Spiritual Living. Awesome band there and I'll also be performing a concert.

Lots of wonderful things going on. I'm loving life, and the road is keeping me going going going. It's quite tiring, however, so very rewarding meeting all kinds of new people!

More soon...