Tower 6 - The Good Robot download files

We're very excited to start sharing Tower 6 and the Good Robot with you. We hope you enjoy our take on dystopian satire, artificial intelligence, and Scandinavian science-fiction.

After thinking about it, we decided to make the first Good Robot story free for everyone in our community. The second story (The Defence Mechanism) will be released exclusively for patrons in December and will stay that way until the full collection eventually ends up in Amazon kindle-store.

Please remember that we want to hear what you think of Tower 6 because your feedback matters and plays a great role in our creative process. :)

It would be especially great if you can look out for typos! No matter how many times we and our editor Hanna read the text, there's always more typos left.

We have the files available in .PDF (desktop & ebook), .EPUB (ebook), and .MOBI (kindle).

If you have any technical problems downloading the files below, just let us know and we'll power through it with you.

Until then, thank you for your patronage and Tower 6 thanks you for your hard work.

Love, hugs, and lots of high-fives,

- Silver and Kaya

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