Tower Friend [Sound]
Gfycat - No Sound - Sound

" 'Hey guys! Let's give the lonely, hormone-riddled, 19-year-old girl whose never had human contact, a dog! What could possibly go wrong?' You're fired, Corbin!"

It's been a while since I've made a beastie animation, and even longer since I made one that I am pretty happy with (or at least 90% happy with, there's still a few things I am unsatisfied with - predominantly the sound).

I have a series of three such animations with canon Elizabeth planned, of which this is the first. They will be designed to be a reflection of her personality in Bioshock Infinite, and in order, they will be:

Student Elizabeth - curious, compassionate, and excitable (done)

Corset Elizabeth - stubborn, matured, begrudgingly compassionate

BAS Elizabeth - calculating, self-centered, and horny

Obviously, that means I need to make the other two outfits, first. I am already running a set schedule, but I might be able to find a little bit of time here and there to work on things. For example, I made this animation as a sort of self-celebration for getting my new SMD Exporter mostly working (need to work out a few issues with it yet).

I also have potential plans for a second trilogy, with Curvy Elizabeth, who obviously hasn't been made on Daz yet.

Beyond that, I am playing with ideas of beastie animations with Liara & Femshep, Lulu, Samus, and Nualia. One of my long-term goals is to eventually give every girl I've made at least one coupling with a four-legged lover, though obviously some ladies (like Elizabeth) will be paired more often than that.