Towergirls 0.129
The code overhaul is finally more-or-less done, which means I can focus on adding new code/features as we move forward.  This upcoming month I'll be doing more of the writing while we wait on the art team to finish with Knight Princess.

I'll include all the changes since 0.128 composed of the interim patches, plus the new stuff.

Also Cheatcodes have been updated for October. 

Towergirls 0.129

Major Changes:

There is now the 'test_army' 'test_siege' 'army_test' cheat, which lets you enter parameters for a siege battle and test it.  There's a number of improvements that still need to be made to sieges, but for the most part things should be operational.  Note that many units are missing their final sprites, and abilities, or are not present at all (in the case of kingdom units yet-to-be-added).

Added a very special encounter to the overmap.

Other Changes:

Fixed a couple of inter-related crashes for new games

Fixed an error with small screens bugging out the UI and crashes caused by Charismatic, Silver Tongue, and Master of Traps.

Fixed a crash caused by the game trying to recover a save in the main menu.

Restored the starting one gold coin that Ser Knight has previously started with.

Crafting Councilor now correctly uses quipu rather than pen and ink.

Fixed an occasional crash caused by pausing during combat.

Fixed a typo that caused a crash when using Summon Pastry in dungeons.

Fixed a crash that occurred in the Molted encounter in Canopy Cave.

Insect Soldiers are once more spawnable in combat and no longer crash the game.

The Lurking talent is functional once more and causes no crashes.

Fixed a crash when viewing a party member from their small panel avatar.

Fixed a crash that happens in the post-Moa-hunt dialogue.

Fixed something that I forget to put in these patch notes but was probably important.

Fixed a crash caused by going into targeting for Shield Bash and some other abilities.

Fixed a crash caused by entering and leaving High Forest and then attempting to save.

The console command input can now longer appear behind the Exit Dungeon button.

Succesfully DISABLED the Roll Tower for now. It shouldn't have been accessible.

Enemy summons in battles will no longer spazz out and potentially crash the game.

The game window can be resized in windowed mode once again.

Saving after hiring a commander will no longer crash the game.

You can once again swap out a unit's commander for another one.

The redeploy command in sieges works once again.

Fighter - Leadership talent descriptions now clearly denote if they are for Sieges or Battles.

City AI has been fixed and reactivated for the first several kingdoms.

The post-siege screen correctly displays enemy information once again.

Territory garrisons are loaded correctly once again, and no longer seemingly vanish.

You can once again start sieges by right clicking an enemy territory with a selected, present, player-owned army.

Player armies are no longer removed/deleted upon wiping out an enemy garrison.  Whoops.

Clicking the 'finish' button after a siege will no longer overlap onto the next continue button and skip the building destruction info.

Army units once again have their 'already attacked/moved/reinforced this turn' variable reset at the end of each turn.

Added siege battlecries for High Forest commanders.

Basic Alchemist/Mage/Priest siege unit abilities have been added to the game.

Opening the 'change army leader' screen no longer crashes the game.

Opening the 'split unit' screen no longer crashes the game.

Fixed some wonkiness with swapping unit positions around inside the same army grouping.

Fixed a bug that made only a single special ability of a unit show in sieges.

Ability targeting in sieges no longer crashes the game.

Added siege battlecries for Band of the Moon commanders.

Knight Mom has a new, shiny, finished avatar.

While highlighting over defensive sieges on the overmap, context-sensititve territory buttons will no longer spawn and overlap it.

The 'spawn special siege units on the overmap' script no longer overwrites previously spawned unit variables.

The 'siegeme' cheat has been made functional once more.

Defensive player sieges are working again.

Improved the overmap party hit detection.

Context buttons are removed at the final 'start siege' screen for defensive sieges, and you can no longer click through the 'start siege' button.

Fixed a crash that made characters refusing to enter a dungeon, and potentially elsewhere, crash the game.

Kobold Princess is once again flaggable as being romanced.  For those that have finished her quest as it is, this should be retroactively flagged if appropriate.

The player can once again speak with Kobold Princess if she is the ruler of Canopy Cave and ask her and Kobold Knight to join the party.

Human King territory management AI has been massively upgraded and improved.

Added Bravebold 'Misdirection' and generic monster 'Monster Mash' abilities.  Both should mostly work right.  Mostly.

The Long Hive's Living Quarters and Cold Dark's Shiver Sea have been slightly repositioned :DDD

A number of siege units have had their finished sprites added.

Miscellaneous pop-ups on the right side of the screen have been moved up in order to not overlap the dialogue box.