Are you ready for it?

DERRRRRRDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Points if you get this reference. 

It's time for our monthly Town Hall Livestream where we run through this months numbers, give you a brief but detailed presentation of what we've been up to, and most importantly what new things are coming your way (and it's a lot so get excited).

Then Phil will be answering all of the questions you've been dying for us to answer! How many new people have we hired? What are they going to be doing? What new things are we rolling out soon? All this and more. 

Got a question? Comment down below and you might see it in the Town Hall tomorrow.

Who: DeFranco Elite + & Phil (Ft. Me, Briana, and Luke pulling your questions)

What: Town Hall presentation and Q&A

Where: DeFranco Elite (so right here!)

When: Tomorrow at 4PM PST

I'll post the link to the Livestream in a new post a few minutes before we go live tomorrow. Come hang out with Phil and get your questions answered. 

See you in there fam,


P.S. To hang out with Phil in the Town Hall LIVE, make sure you're signed up under our DeFranco Elite + Tier! It's all going down tomorrow and we don't want you to miss it!

P.P.S. We'll be pulling your questions from the comments on this post, and on Discord and YouTube during the Livestream!