TQRLEAKS (sample) -- Ted & VC MTreiber do business

Margret Treiber 

7:23 AM (11 hours ago)to me 

Dear Editors,

I  am back for more abuse.  No really, you were super harsh last time, but  it was cool.  I fixed the last story and found it a home.  I appreciate  the effort you all put into critiquing it.

Here is my official bio thing:
My name is Margret Treiber.   I have published a novel “The Outcome of Sin”, which  is available through Double Dragon Ebooks.  My short stories "The Human  Situation" and "Contrails in Silicon: appear in J. Richard Jacobs'  Twisted Tails VI. "Two Guys Meet in a Bar" and "Lucky Charlie's Escape"  appear in J. Richard Jacobs' Twisted Tails VII.  My story "Conversations  with a Garbage Truck" was published in the June 12th issue of Perihelion magazine, and my story "Short Sale" has been published in the November 12th issue.
Attached is my short story, "Rolling Reality".   It is approximately 8700 words.  I hope you don't hate it.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,
Margret Treiber [redacted]

Theodore Q. Rorschalk <[email protected]

7:34 AM (11 hours ago)to Margret 

Dear Ms. Treiber,

I  love to hear of such success stories as yours! Yes. Sometimes TQR is  harsh, but usually fair. And you took what you could out of it, made  some adjustments and forged a victory out of a brief setback.
As to this submission, thank you for it. I have sent it to the Floor. As always, I wish you the best of luck. 

And if you could, shoot me a critique of our patreon page.

Margret Treiber 

8:19 AM (11 hours ago)to me 

The  site looks good.  I think the top header is a little large, taking up  half of the page on entry.  However, that isn't necessarily bad, more of  a style choice.  In Edge, Chrome and Firefox everything loads great.   In IE 11, the center column cuts off on the right side a little bit.   But that's IE 11, who cares?  It was loading a little slow, but that may  be the fact that I am currently downloading a terabyte of mail archive  right now.

So you're looking for slush pile  readers.  I like the way you offer it as a paid service.  That's good.   You tempted me.  Had it not been for my lack of time, I would have paid  the dollar.  Nice.

I  think goal #6 is overrated.  You can simple move to SW Florida to enjoy  the weather, beaches and watch stupid tourists.  Plus, it's like a 3rd  world country here, complete with a cast system, backward thinking and  elitist xenophobia!  No battle with the TSA necessary, either.

Overall, it looks good to me.  Turns out the slow loading is on my end after all, so disregard that.
IE 11:

Theodore Q. Rorschalk <[email protected]

8:27 AM (10 hours ago)to Margret 

Hey,  thank you for the lowdown. You sound like the kind of person that would  thrive here donning a persona at TQR. Too bad you are swamped,  otherwise I would have asked you if you'd like to do a stint in the  Terminal gratis. Recent resignation has left us one down. 

And,  you could always throw us a buck a month without having to read slush.  We're holding at one stinking patron. Two would be a 100 percent  increase!
You seem to have some market savvy. Do you think our lack of paypal option for payment could be holding us back?

Margret Treiber 

8:48 AM (10 hours ago)to me 

I'm  not so much as a publishing world expert.  I'm an old IT geek.  I'm so  old that I had to ride a dinosaur to the computer lab to work on the Vax  in college.
Paypal is would be a good thing to  have.  They tend to be assaholic in their policies from time, but they  do offer an easy option for people who "have always done it that way".   So yeah, do the Paypal thing if you can.
I am  flattered that you think I would fit into your crew.  The idea of  donning a cartoon persona and offering my feedback sounds like a ton of  fun.  The problem is, that the wife might kill me.  She's already up my  butt about working free overtime at my crappy cheese sandwich job.
That being said....

...what kind of work load and commitment would it entail?

Theodore Q. Rorschalk <[email protected]

8:58 AM (10 hours ago)to Margret 

Well, it's an unpaid (sorry) internship, so, you know, not a lot of pressure, just win baby, is all I want to say. 

We've  only got like 3 or 4 works going up to the Terminal right now. Just  switched over from having set reading periods to a continuous  submissions cycle so I don't know if that dam will burst any time soon. 

I  have perhaps interest for the vacancy from another VC of old. I am  inclined to put your offer on hold (sorry, I didn't think it through  when I made it!) until we've dispensed with your venture (rejected or  published it). I can tell you that since we are going with a continuous  submissions cycle now, we are going to need at least another Floorite  (slush reader) and one or two more Terminali. As far as the offer  goes/went, let's hold off on the now for a comebacker on the later? 

Margret Treiber 

9:12 AM (10 hours ago)to me 

It's  all good.  I'm in no rush to add to my workload.  Really.  It was cool  of you just to ask.  Maybe when you do need someone, I'll have a lighter  load on this end.

I noticed the change of  reading periods.  I rushed to get my story submitted by today, which was  listed at the last day in this reading period.  The Grinder hadn't  updated it yet, so you may want to let them know.  You'll surely get  more submissions once they fix the listing.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk <[email protected]

9:16 AM (10 hours ago)to Margret Cool. Thanks! I didn't even know we were listed in THE GRINDER. I will definitely let them know. What's the url?

Margret Treiber 

9:26 AM (9 hours ago)to me

It's a really good site and they run off of donations, too.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk <[email protected]

9:29 AM (9 hours ago)to Margret 

Excellent!  Maybe I can make some kind of advertising deal with them. It has been a  pleasure doing business with you. I've notched your card in the old  rolodex. I look forward to doing business with you in the future (and,  meanwhile, in the present, you will shortly be hearing from Grabrielle  on the Floor). Best of luck.