Track & Message Us On Our Way to Miami
Hey Patrons!  Freebie here.  Just wanted you all to remember you guys have special access to Phillip and I while we are underway, so I wanted to get this to you before we shoved off on Libra headed to Miami for the boat show in the morning.  I have included below our Delorme (well, now Garmin) tracker link so you can watch us every step of the way (not just when we do a public post on Facebook) and message us if you'd like!  We love to hear from Patrons while we're on passage.  Click the link below, enter the password: plaintiffsrest.  Then click the "message" icon in the upper left corner to chat with us.  It's going to be another great ride on Libra!  I'm not sure how they put up with me on that boat.  Look at me; I'm crazy!  But in the best kind of way, right?!  Thanks for all you enable us to share Patrons.  

Oh, question: Do you think we should take off the old track paths and start anew each time?  That's the way I'm leaning so it's not confusing, but would love your two cents!

Tracker Link:

Password:  plaintiffsrest