Trade Notice Update (Near Zero Fees All The Way With GDAX)
I was originally going to just update the last post but there's too much to pass along, so I'm doing a follow-up post.

I ended up buying the following:

Here's how it looks on The Patreon Portfolio. Roughly, out of the $200 buy, it was $50 to both Bitcoin and Ripple, $20-$30 to each of the others.

I decided to write a follow-up is to outline my really darn cool experience with minimal transaction fees, to say the least. Let's run it down.

1. Last Monday, a week ago, I initiated an ACH transfer from my bank account to Coinbase. That takes 4-5 days to clear. Funds were available mid-day Friday. It's free.

2. I did an instant transfer from Coinbase to their trading platform, GDAX. That's free, too.

3. As explained in my previous post, in order to take advantage of 0% market maker fees, I set a limit order significantly out of the money, $4,150, when the market was about $4,330 at the time. I did that to be patient, see if it would test the $4,100 level again overnight and fill. It didn't, so I ended up "chasing the trade." It was trading at $4,318 and change, so I set a limit order for $4,316.01 and within an hour it got filled, for free. None of this has cost a penny up to this point.

4. Here's where it gets interestinger. I wanted to put $50 worth of the Bitcoin in my wallet, the other $150 over to Bittrex to snag the Altcoins. I've done this via Coinbase a number of times and it always incurs a mining fee by default. Coinbase's FAQ says that if you don't permit the mining fee, your transfer risks not going through. GDAX doesn't even have a means to add a mining fee and explicitly says it's free. So, I send to the two wallet addresses from GDAX. It took 3-4 hours for both transactions to be confirmed. At this point, I'm from my bank account in dollars, to $50 of Bitcoin in my own wallet and $150 worth of Bitcoin in my Bittrex wallet for absolutely zero cost.

Then I made the five Altcoin trades outlined above. That incurs a fee, but how much? I downloaded a CSV of those trades and crunched it. The blank column labels are the calculated columns I added, using $4,315 as the rough Bitcoin price at the time.

Really? Can that be right? A total of only $0.39?

So I go into Bittrex and look up their fees. Simple. A quarter of 1% (0.25%) per trade. And that's roughly what it is for $150. Amazing. Sure, the whole process takes time; but previously, getting nicked for 4% for debit card into Counbase, then mining fees, then Bittrex added to that is way orders of magnitude higher.

It may not be your deal but I emphasize it for you small-stakes folks. Every penny counts. Get as much of your modest and comfortable stake in the market working for you, and not working for others.

In another post I'll outline even more of what learned over the last few days. To my surprise, my presentation at 21 Convention brought a couple of dozen attendees out of the woodwork who're already into it pretty deep, including a guy I've known since 2011—about the time he got heavily into Bitcoin. Two months ago, he launched a fully SEC-compliant cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Here's a clue as to what I think is an important thing to be looking at in the space. Think fiat-to-crypto arbitrage by means of crypto-funded debit cards.

Update 10/3/17: When I made the Altcoin trades 10/1, I had intended to take a stake in Neo but it was down in Bittrex. Yesterday was a travel day, but this morning, I checked in and was able to snag 3 Neo coins for just under $100.

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