Traffic and Income Report February 2018
We've just posted our February income and traffic report for the blog. This is where I bring you behind the scenes of how we are working to make this blog into a business. It's funny, I started this "monetize my blog" experiment in October of 2017 just to see if we could make a little extra passive income to help pay off our student loans, and while that is still true, this "experiment" has turned into a passion for me. I don't just want to make this work for helping to pay student loans off, I also want to prove up something with a viable long term future... something that could maybe give me and Michael location independence one day. Paying off the student loans is the first piece in that puzzle, but I hope to be creating new content and growing this community for much longer than that. If the past few months have taught me anything it is that I have a TON still left to learn and that this won't be easy. It takes consistent, daily, action. I guess I hope if anything I am showing you that I am dedicated, not sugar coating anything, and hopefully helping to provide a road map of sorts to doing something like this yourself as well.