Traffic Plus+ Lore-Friendly [v3.0] (Changelog Status: incomplete):

Now available for the public.

Here’s the new logo for the version 3.0, “The Scenarios Update”, together with the “Los Santos Tuners” GTA Online Update, here’s the full changelog for this version full of new improvements, fixes & additions that i already know you will fall in love with:

The Scenarios Update - Changelog:

  • Traffic Plus+ Lore-Friendly now comes for FiveM!

An absolutely important update that was able to bring TP+ to the 3.0 version, this is because TP+ is now able to introduce new scenarios in the game, or improve the ones we currently have by changing their model sets and adding lots of new ones; this also means that we were able also to bring some changes also talking about the ped’s scenarios.

  • New police stations, the Los Santos Port Authority’s station is now considered as an actual station, with LSPP cops on the outside, and parked LSPP vehicles in the parking lots;
  • An other station has been implemented, the one in Vespucci Beach with the same improvements as the Port Authority one.

  • It wouldn’t have been a Sheriff’s Station without sheriffs on the outside, I’m talking about the Davis Sheriff’s station of course witch now has sheriffs standing and drinking coffee on the outside, replacing and improving the old scenarios and also adding new ones.

  • As people wanted (by voting the survey in the TP+ Discord Server), La Mesa Police Station is now under the SAHP jurisdiction, we now have Highway patrol cops on the outside and parked police vehicles in the station’s parking lots as well; the scenarios have been changed to SAHP as well as the Car Generators.

New scenarios:

  • The SASP Supervolito and a brand new Park Ranger plane are now looking for someone who got lost in Rantan Kanyon.

  • New San Andreas Highway Patrol units will be now watching you flying on all the highway and doing absolutely nothing else than watching traffic flowing (these units will replace the “sheriff” cruisers);

  • The LSPD & SASP cars have now full compatibility with the scenarios around the map, (you won’t see the same car doing the same action every time, it’ll always be different.

  • Coroner vans parked on the outside of the Coroner building in Strawberry.

  • Taxis can now spawn outside of the hospital in Strawberry, useful for a rapid pick up or a car ready to be stolen heheh. More variety in taxis in the Downtown Cab Co. Parking lots.

  • Many default vanilla scenarios have been transformed into tree chains, making the path followed by the chains different every time you see it. Added new tree chains.

  • Added new cluster scenarios around the map.

  • New Code 3 Scenarios for the Fire Department and EMS Vehicles, more chances to see them around responding and not just when leaving their stations.

  • Lot’s of new other scenarios that I won’t spoil you here.

Cargens Fixes all around San Andreas:

  • Del Perro Pier _ DPPD "police" Cargen removed;

  • Paleto Bay _ BCFD "3689" (firetruck) Cargen removed;

  • Paleto Bay _ PBPD "sheriff" Cargens removed, Various Cargens became "0" (Generic ones);

  • Paleto Bay _ PBPD "police" Cargen removed;

  • Remove all the "police" cargen slots into the La Mesa (now) SAHP Station;

  • Davis Sheriff's Station "police" group cargens slots now spawns "sheriff" & "sheriff2" vehicles; plus, polmav slot removed from the station's helipad;

  • Rockford Hills Police Station "police" cargens slots removed;

  • Vespucci Beach Police Station "police" cargens slots improved and more variety has been added;

  • LSIA NOoSE Station's "police" & the "rentalbus" slot in the back has both been changed with a "riot" cargens slots;

  • Removed the "rentalbus" cargen slots in the LSIA NOoSE Station's parking lots in the back of the station;

  • Vinewood Hills "pranger" cargen slot has been changed to "boxville" (Department of Water & Power van).

  • Improved security scenarios (the 2 characters Franklin and Michael now have a private security car that goes around their proprieties in night time).


  • Bobcat Security was divided in 2 groups since there were too modern cars in an area like Sandy Shores, so we now have cert cars in the city and others in the countryside.

  • A maniacal care of details took me to fix Add-On vehicles with the Water & Power liveries that we can now see in the scenarios where we already were supposed to see the W&P Boxville vans.

  • Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Station “sheriff” Car Generator slots has been removed and transformed in scenario points with PBPD units as well as that ambulance slot. New scenario points and chains has been added in that station.

  • LSFD “firetruk” slot has been removed from the LSFD station in Paleto Bay, and transformed into a BCFD fire truck scenario. New scenario points and chains has been added in that station.

  • Other minor fixes & adjustments.

Paths Files Fixes all around San Andreas (Project canceled)

This will improve the way NPCs goes around the streets. And also WHERE they go.

This Changelog might be edited in the future.