Training at Department of Corrections
I had the honor of giving a presentation for the Minnesota Department of Corrections today on Transgender Cultural Competency Training. The link for that presentation is above and below is a link to the surveys of the individuals who took part in that training!

The training itself I felt went really well and I had good engagement with the audience. Next week I'll be presenting at a MSUM/MSTATE collaboration for their second level of safe zone training.

It's been a while since my last post, so I also have a few more articles to share!

I sent a local activist off with this article

I interviewed a poly group about information around that identity

I interviewed a local amazing pastor about inclusive religious practices

I covered the hilarious free speech bus fiasco

And finally, I had to cancel the focus group at the Pride Center due to lack of interest from school administers and therapists in our state.

I'll be changing the focus group into personalized interviews, but otherwise I hope to keep the same aims and schedule with the project.

Thank you everyone for your continual support!
All the love,


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