Traitor! (Plus Update)
Mantax is seen here holding my custom-made Tablet of Transit! The triangular-shaped artifact proves one of the Barraki betrayed all the rest to assist the Brotherhood of Makuta all those years ago, and also fits perfectly in Mantax's pincer (which I was quite happy with when filming!)

Production on this film is coming along quite nicely - I estimate the final photo of the film will be taken two weeks from. It is all-out editing from there, which means Patreons can expect a large influx of exclusive content as all the scenes finally get put together!

Between you and me, I am striving for the release date of 7/7/17 - a fitting date in honor of the "2007" theme. I am doing my best to finish off this film once and for all.

Lastly, I will soon have enough material to put together some decent trailers and character spots. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions regarding that, let me know!