Tranquil Tuesday (Happy Valentines Day)

Hey Family! I hope that you are having a Tranquil Tuesday!!!

The Spiritual Weatherman Reports: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!! And it always will be!!! Some food for thought:

"These feelings linger on, life's magic I cant keep my finger on...Should I toss and turn for one more night, or speak to my demons tonight?"-The Spiritual Weatherman-"Speak To My Demons" In relation to our Magical Monday, and posting some music on Soundcloud, this song of mine really stuck out this morning. Finding magic in this world is a lot easier than we may think. Its all around us, especially when its what we want to see and we are feeding our spirit with positive things on a consistent basis. The trouble I have found in life is holding onto that magic and channeling it properly into my daily life. Reminding myself that life comes in waves, and if we "learn to surf" as someone once told me, we will enjoy lifes ride, take everything as a learning experience and make it back to shore a more experienced human being. As we begin to evolve and grow away from our evil ways, that devil or disease thinking will eventually begin to realize that it can not knock you down as easily as it once could. It will begin to try and channel itself through any means possible to attack you from another angle. So, where is this going???

Iam wishing you all a Tranquil Tuesday!!! Free from disturbance; calm. But just know in your heart that when those demons come knocking with temptations and try to invite the insanity back into your life, that today, WE HAVE A CHOICE WHETHER TO LET THEM BACK IN. So laugh, smile and fight them off with happiness, and the sense of serenity you have today that you worked so hard for!!!Tell your demons that they CAN NOT and WILL NOT interrupt your Tranquil Tuesday, and to try again tomorrow...Which will then be today, and we will feed our spirits with PEACE AND LOVE AND UNITY, the ultimate weapon against HATE CHAOS and BAD Vibes. So on this Valentines Day, whether you have someone to love or not, always remember that you must LOVE YOURSELF in order to love anyone else effectively. BE THE LOVE AND THE LIGHT THAT THIS WORLD NEEDS. Lets love those that are the hardest to love today, because they are often the ones who need it the most. May your day be filled with nothing but peace love and good vibes. I love you FAMILY!!!!

-The Spiritual Weatherman