Transhumanist Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism
I'm working to create a future where people live indefinitely long lives among the stars while automation provides for their every need by creating memes and open source robots. I have a MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington in Seattle where I worked as a Research Scientist in Computational Biology for the UW School of Medicine. In addition to my research, I have industry experience as a Software Engineer/Parallel Programmer and Data Scientist. 

I am currently the CTO of a startup ( ) that is working to enable open source humanoid robot hands to pick delicate fruits and vegetables that are currently picked en masse by human hands today. While we are currently focused on robotics and AI, our interests also include Nuclear and Plasma Sciences and Regenerative Biogerontology.

I'm here at Patreon because I figure a lot of people want to live in a future where scarcity has been eliminated by open source robots and would be willing to lend me a hand to quicken the pace of my quest to put the means of production in the hands of the people.