In the interest of transparency, I want to disclose that this month, I received $389.62 from my patrons: $452.50 was pledged, with $40.24 in credit card fees and $22.64 in Patreon fees taken out. That's A LOT in credit card fees, due to the large number of small pledges. But as I've said, every little bit counts. Thank you very much for your support! I for one don't miss the leaderboard ad at all. This may be a slow month for Patreon updates on account of school and trying to get the Kickstarter books out the door — although Tom, Joe and I will be doing another Triple Feature next Sunday, and I'll post some sketches here, most likely. But I hope you continue pledging even in these leaner months, content-wise. This summer, I'll be posting much more frequently, as I'm hoping Patreon will be able to replace Kickstarter in terms of financing the creation of the bonus strips for the eBook and print collections. If there are any behind-the-scenes/process type of questions you want to ask or artwork you'd like to see, fire away! I'll be happy to answer them here in the Activity Stream.