#TransWitchBoy | Ocean Magic
#TransWitchBoy will be a serialized verse novel of sorts, detailing the life of a trans witch boy who loves the ocean and one day dreams of experiencing the wonders beneath the Sea. The first poem, shared below, is available to the public. Subsequent poems in this series will patron-exclusive content and posted on the 25th of each month. 

he digs his toes in the sand 
as the ocean sways around him
with a flick of his wrist 
he raises pillars of salt water 
swirling and twisting high above his head 
the Sea chides him softly 
their voice a gentle murmur in his mind
respect the Sea, they say, and it will respect you
so he lets the pillars drop 
watches as they dissolve into foamy waves  
and dreams of the day
when he'll earn the Sea's respect

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