The Trapper - One of the Key Elements of Success for any Hunt Party
This is one of the many builds mentioned in the L3 DBK Guide released over the past two weeks.  It's a build that hasn't changed much since it's initial incarnation, however there are a few optional areas that can be tweaked depending on what expansions you are using.

The expansions used up here are the DBK and the Sunstalker plus some stuff from the Core Game.  However, the only expansion which is really needed is the Sunstalker.  The DBK parts just add some extra power to the build on the offensive side and the Sunstalker is perfectly capable of doing that by itself.

So the heart of this build is the ability for Spears Specialists to cancel the trap, this is a huge ability that, when combined with an activated Blue Charm from the Stone Circle and Good Hit Location Control (Wisdom Potion/Cat's Eye Circlet/Apostle Crown/Necromancer's Circlet); will make fights considerably easier by allowing a refresh on the HL deck and reducing the potential number of ways that the monster can harm survivors when they attack.

This build here is designed for a normal, no frills survivor who has access to Spear Specialisation from the Settlement and has mastered Axe for themselves (Late Game) and that is where the Lantern Glaive and the Rainbow Wing Belt come in.  However if you are fortunate enough to have a Lantern Halberd from the King's Man this is an acceptable substitute because Cycloid Armor Sleeves give you sharp for back attacks and that is easy enough to perform against many of the larger monsters.

The build itself is very simple and focused.  It will concentrate on dealing DPS when the trap is not present, avoiding being attacked as much as possible to preserve armor (and avoiding the more nasty, damaging reactions) because if the trap disarm attempt goes wrong then it the survivor will probably need their armor to survive the trap.

The great thing about this build though is there are a huge number of variations. While this is the best version possible, you can do similar things with the Screaming Armor from my earlier build guide and you can even switch this build up to be pure Sunstalker/Core Game only by using either the Finger of God (Weapon Crafter/Phoenix) or the Amazing Sky Harpoon from the Sunstalker (Recommended that you swap the Rainbow Wing Belt out and replace it with the Sky Lure if you used the Harpoon to catch the 3 different fish because the Innovation you get is INSANE).

As it stands though this version is the most potent version I've managed to build to date. Having Axe Mastery for automatic crits vs permanent injury locations is a super safe way of neutering monsters and avoiding reactions, the Lantern Glaive gives you an axe and a spear in one slot (Something that only the Lantern Halberd and Amber Poleaxe share) and the Rainbow Wing Belt reduces the odds of the Lantern Glaive missing from 19% to around 2% (give or take), so it's a very potent way of making a great weapon amazing.  

As mentioned above there are a lot of flex components in this build. The only key elements are the Cycloid Scale Armor, the Blue Charm and a Spear.  Everything else is optional.

For example a Leather Shield is generally good enough for this build against everything short of the highest level monsters and the Sky Harpoon/Finger of God is a very acceptable weapon if you do not have the time or ability to max out axe mastery. 

So in all the build gives you the following:

1. Shadow walking through survivors

2. When you move and Shadow Walk you gain Sharp in the Blind Spot and +1 Evasion

3. +1 Accuracy

4. Improved Fecal Salve

5. A 6+ ability to cancel the trap and a separate 7+ ability to cancel the trap

6. Block 2 - Shield Specialisation synergy if the settlement has it

7. Rerolls the first time you roll a 1 to hit per attack.

This is a powerful build and one you can transition to from either Rawhide or Screaming Armor by around Lantern Year 12 (Though if you get Screaming Armor you might decide to just sit tight on the Screaming Armor because that build still has the 7+ cancellation ability and better armor for tanking.)  

Either way I hope that this one gives you some ideas to launch off into, trust me the Cycloid Armor set is an amazing set for building all sorts of crazy things - you can expect to see a lot of builds coming from me surrounding Cycloid Armor over the future, basically if you want to do something funky for a damage or support build, Cycloid Armor has your back.

It's one of the reasons why I rate the Sunstalker expansion as the number 1 most fun expansion in the game.